Winning Elections

The way to win elections is to get more people to vote for you than the other candidates. This seems obvious, does it not? Then how come republicans spend so much time and energy complaining about mail-in ballots, voting at the polls, etc.? NONE OF THESE COMPLAINTS ARE HELPFUL WHEN IT COMES TO WINNING ELECTIONS. We aren’t ever going to get the voting returned to election day voting only. If the legislature passed a law and the governor signed it, the supreme court would just over-turn it. Also ineffective, shouting that “SOMEBODY OUGHT TO DO SOMETHING”. What a waste of time.

The best thing you can do to win elections is to vote yourself, get everyone you know to vote (turn in ballots or get to the polls), then help get ballots turned in from people you don’t know personally.

Worried about mail-in elections? Do some research on how it works and check your own voter registration. Find out if you should be expecting a ballot in the mail, then whether it has been received and accepted. This information is easily available at

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