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Get Involved in County Government

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There are a large number of boards, governing committees and commissions that direct policy and advise the Board of County Commissioners. Go to to read about them. Each description has information on when and where the meetings are held. People who can spare the time and are interested can apply to be on one of the boards

Republicans are invited to apply for any of these boards. It is important for us to get volunteers to get involved because the county departments and commissions get a lot of ideas about policy, resolutions, and funding from these boards. Don’t agree with the way the county deals with homelessness or health mandates or anything else? Getting on one of these boards or attending meetings is a way for your voice to be heard directly by your elected officials. If you have political aspirations, the boards are a way to ‘get you foot in the door’ of Missoula politics. 

When these boards or committees brief the county commission, they are generally public meetings announced as Commissioners’ public meetings You can sign up to receive a weekly email of the upcoming meetings, although this information is also posted

Please consider volunteering.