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Precinct Captains

Below is the list of current Missoula County Republican precinct captains (men and women). To find out in which precinct you reside, enter your address here. If you discover that your precinct currently does not have a captain and you are interested, contact us using the form on the home page, or call (406) 531-1777.

Bonner 92Michael Whitman
Bonner 92Kathy Whitman
Clinton 92Patti Anderson
Chief Charlo 90Lana Hamilton
Cold Springs 89Andrew Knutson
Cold Springs 89Vondene Kopetski
Cold Springs 99Jack Reneau
Cold Springs 99Susan Campbell Reneau
CS Porter 98Greg Chapman
CS Porter 98Jill Chapman
East Missoula 92Nicole Otto
East Missoula 92Justin Otto
Frenchtown 14NVelva Kanter
Frenchtown 14SHerry Kenck
Frenchtown 94Vicki Marceau
Frenchtown 94Donald Kenck
Frenchtown 96Crystal Leishman
Frenchtown 96Damon Leishman
Franklin 100NLynda Smith
Franklin 100S Tori Fort
Hawthorne 95Alice Tully
Hellgate 94Nancy B Burgoyne
Hellgate 94John Hendrickson
Hellgate 96ERebecca Dawson
Hellgate 96WLeslie Tschida
Hellgate 96WBrad Tschida
Hellgate 97Sonia Shearer
Hellgate 97Joe Hiett
Lewis & Clark 89Douglas G Stewart
Lewis & Clark 90EAndrew C Peterson
Lewis & Clark 90ECandace Shaw Peterson
Lewis & Clark 90WMike Hopkins
Lewis & Clark 90WJill Taber
Library 91Thelma Baker
Library 91Jim Martin
Lolo 89Aldo Sardot
Lolo 89Niki Sardot
Lolo 97Alice Ramona Holt
Lolo 97Ronald Henderson
Meadow Hill 99Beth Wanberg
Meadow Hill 99Gary Wanberg
Petty Creek 97Nancy Engebretson
Petty Creek 97Murray Engebretson
Rattlesnake 91WJan Van Fossen
Rattlesnake 91WWilliam Murray
Russell 99SKeith Baer
Russell 99SErin Darling
Seeley Lake 92Brenda Rowell
Seeley Lake 92David Rowell
Senior Citizen 91Jane Rechenwald
Senior Citizen 95Melina Pyron
Swan 92Grace Siloti
Swan 92Jesse Arno
Spring Meadow 94Cindy Johnson
Spring Meadow 96Ian Crowe
St. Joseph 100WHeidi Fowler
Target Range 97Amy Livesay
Target Range 98Jim Sadler