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The Honorable Ryan Zinke with two candidates endorsed by  the Missoula Republican Party, Alan Ault Ward 4, and Shawn Knopp for Mayor.

Mayor Endorsement

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The Missoula County Republican Party proudly endorses Shawn Knopp for the next mayor of Missoula. He is the true Independent in the race and we support his fiscal policies for Missoula.

Read about Shawn’s position on issues and plans at

Courtesy of Shawn’s Facebook page.

sean knoop

Missoula County Budget

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Following their preliminary budget hearing, the Missoula County commissioners are encouraging the public to provide feedback on the proposed budget for fiscal year 2022.   

Review budget documents, which are posted online at In addition to commenting during public meetings, residents can comment by leaving the commissioners a voicemail at 406-258-4877, emailing, or mailing comments to the Commissioners’ Office, 200 W. Broadway St. Missoula, MT 59802.   

County Zoning Code Update

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Missoula County looking to completely change its zoning code”

Tuesday, August 3
Missoula County Consolidated Planning Board Presentation
Time: 6pm
Topic: Environmental Design Standards
How to attend: Online event. Follow this link for instructions.

Wednesday, August 4
In person Open House, The Barn on Mullan Road
Time: Anytime between 4pm and 7pm.
Topic: Learn about the proposed Code and Map
How to attend:
The Barn on Mullan Road
8500 Mullan Rd
Missoula, Montana, 59808

Thursday, August 5
Online Workshop
Time: 12pm – 1pm
Topic: Environmental Design and Riparian Resources
How to attend: Online event. Click HERE to join

Visit our calendar events to see all outreach opportunities scheduled in August

Update to Zoning Regs

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Please review and comment on Missoula County’s proposed zoning regulations. Public meetings are scheduled, check the link below. The County didn’t provide a deadline, but the last public meeting is August 18.

In the County’s own words “Balancing the need for housing with protecting resources is one of the cornerstones of the new code. Conservation design, which is the clustering of homes on a portion of property to leave the remainder undeveloped, plays a key role in this strategy. Clustering development to preserve the best agricultural areas respects individuals’ rights to develop while supplying the community’s need for local agriculture. The proposed code also provides agricultural users opportunities to supplement their farming income through uses like agritourism.

No worries, the code is only 375 pages. Probably not too many rules in regulations in it.

Get Involved Locally

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We posted a blog about getting involved in Missoula County government earlier. With the upcoming 2021 municipal elections, pay attention to what is and has been going on in the city government too.

  • Watch previously recorded meetings on youtube.
  • Review upcoming meeting agendas (you can sign up for meeting notifications here too).
  • Find the minutes from meetings posted with the agenda on the calendar
  • Upcoming public hearings
  • Attend public meetings and speak up!

Tester, voting against election integrity

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From the Montana GOP

HELENA, Montana – Today, Senator Tester’s deeply flawed S.1, or the deceptively named “For the People Act”, failed on the Senate floor. This radical, federal election takeover bill is another example of a far-left power grab to gain control of our Federal Elections to ensure Democrat control in Washington, D.C.

“This afternoon, Senate Democrats, including Senator Tester, showed their true colors by voting in favor of the radical S.1, or “For the People Act” – which really isn’t for the people at all, and would be an absolute disaster for our country,” said Chairman Don “K” Kaltschmidt. “It would have completely eliminated voter ID laws, used taxpayer dollars to fund Democrat attack ads, and undermine the work the Montana Legislature passed this legislative session to strengthen the integrity of our elections. It would also have forced states to allow ballot harvesting, automatically register voters, and completely disregard the Constitution.

The Constitution is clear that the ‘Times, Places, and Manner of holding elections’ lies with the Montana legislature, and Senator Tester should be ashamed of his attempt to disregard our legislature’s work for his own political gain. Montanans support election integrity, and I am grateful for both Senator Daines and Congressman Rosendale’s steadfast opposition to this radical proposal.”

Time to ensure fair redistricting

All should know by now that Montana is highly likely to gain back a second congressional seat that was lost in the 1990s. You need to contact the commission to tell them that the redistricting should be a fair distribution along a north-south line as it was before, not the “blob” arrangement some have suggested to get Missoula, Butte, Helena, and Bozeman into one district to make it “competitive”.  Read more about the commission on their website.

Submit comments to the Redistricting Commissioners here. The next meeting is June 10.

Get Involved in County Government

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There are a large number of boards, governing committees and commissions that direct policy and advise the Board of County Commissioners. Go to to read about them. Each description has information on when and where the meetings are held. People who can spare the time and are interested can apply to be on one of the boards

Republicans are invited to apply for any of these boards. It is important for us to get volunteers to get involved because the county departments and commissions get a lot of ideas about policy, resolutions, and funding from these boards. Don’t agree with the way the county deals with homelessness or health mandates or anything else? Getting on one of these boards or attending meetings is a way for your voice to be heard directly by your elected officials. If you have political aspirations, the boards are a way to ‘get you foot in the door’ of Missoula politics. 

When these boards or committees brief the county commission, they are generally public meetings announced as Commissioners’ public meetings You can sign up to receive a weekly email of the upcoming meetings, although this information is also posted

Please consider volunteering.